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Just got back from seeing Will in the hospital, he’s doing all right, looks like a minor infection that will keep him for a few more weeks. He came home prematurely and now they want to keep an eye on him, which is really for the best.

However, he’s already going a little stir-crazy. No internet, no real TV, etc, so here’s the plan, Tattlers! I’m organizing a “Get Well Will” campaign! People interested in participating will mail a card in to me and I pass the cards on to willgrahamjournals! Agent Graham has said that reading and writing are two of the things that keep boredom at bay, so for every correspondence he receives he’ll be writing YOU back! Ever wanted a postcard from Agent Graham? Here’s your chance!

Everyone is welcome to participate, and I’ll be accepting letters up until October 10th, 2014 to make sure International letters get here. What you send is up to you! Letters, postcards, get well cards, pictures of dogs, whatever you think willgrahamjournals will enjoy! I hear they DO check his mail first so please no ears or other body parts/bodily fluids/etc, and please try to keep the letters positive! Any negative letters sent to Mr. Graham will be turned over to orderly-brown. >:)

If you’d like to participate please send me an email at Freddie @ tattle-crime .com (remember to remove the spaces!) with the subject “Get Well Will” and I will tell you where to mail to! Please remember to include your return address so Will knows where to send his replies to!

Thanks so much for your participation, Tattlers, I know Agent Graham will appreciate this - he would LOVE to hear from you!


This is actually a nice thing to wake up to. 

I’m under strict instructions to do as little as possible, so yes, “stir-crazy” is accurate. Internet is shoddy, at best. TV is dull. Food is bland, except for the Jell-O.

Have I mentioned how much I hate hospitals?

(Yeah, I’m actively holding my tongue in regards to your shutter-happy habits, Freddie. It’s a struggle.)

You’re welcome. See I am capable of being thoughtful. Glad to see you at least have mildly limited internet today, did you manage to smuggle in a phone again?